Monday, July 23, 2018
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Group Coverage

You have questions, WorldHealthCoverage and Seven Corners have the answers.

Designing an international group medical plan should provide a group with answers regarding international coverage, not generate more questions. SRI's Group Insurance Plans allow you to design benefits, policy limits and provisions specifically tailored to your group's coverage needs and budget. SRI provides coverage for both Travel Medical and Worldwide Major Medical insurance for long or short-term coverage periods. SRI understands that each group's insurance needs are different.

That is why SRI offers the industry's most comprehensive selection of benefits, deductibles and policy limits, which you can choose to meet your group's specific coverage needs. 

Who Needs Groups Coverage?

International employees, missionaries, students and travelers are just some of the types of groups. Some groups may be comprised of only 10 students traveling overseas for two weeks, whereas other groups may consist of hundreds of employees permanently stationed around the world.

How Does My Group Qualify?

SRI's Group Insurance Plan must be issued to a group. A group is considered an organization (corporation, church, school, etc.) with a central billing location and common association of the participants, which has the authority to purchase and/or offer international medical benefits to its eligible participants. Five (5) or more primary participants and a minimum annual deposit premium are required to be eligible for a group plan. 

Who Is Eligible For Coverage?

In general, a candidate for international group coverage has members traveling in or out of the group's established Home Country or has a population of members stationed permanently outside the group's Home Country, as well as covered home staff. The location of the covered members of any particular group may present unique challenges; SRI can accommodate a wide variety of eligibility scenarios, including coverage for spouses and children. 

What Is The Difference Between Travel Medical And Worldwide Major Medical?

Travel Medical coverage is generally used for shorter coverage periods, when comprehensive major medical benefits like maternity, mental and nervous, and preventative benefits are not applicable. Coverage for eligible treatment is limited to the locality where the insured is covered. In the event of a medical emergency, transportation to the nearest medical facility is covered. Typically, group tours, conventions, or short-term international employee assignments from one (1) week to six (6) months are best suited for Travel Medical coverage.
Worldwide Major Medical coverage is generally used for longer coverage periods and includes comprehensive major medical benefits similar to those found in domestic major medical plans in the United States. Access to treatment in the United States is at the insured's option, or in the event of a medical emergency, transportation to the nearest medical facility is covered. Typically, missionary groups, long term expatriate assignments outside the United States longer than six (6) months, or permanent Third Country Nationals and Local Nationals are best suited for Worldwide Major Medical coverage.

In addition to the basic benefits in all SRI Group Plans, which provide for eligible in and outpatient medical treatment and prescription medications, all of SRI's Group Insurance Plans provide 24 hour international assistance, emergency evacuation and repatriation, return of mortal remains, and emergency reunion benefits. 

What Benefits Are Available?

Once you have selected a coverage type, either Travel Medical or Worldwide Major Medical, you can choose from an array of benefits to specifically design your group's coverage. Simply complete the corresponding application and select the benefits your group would require. This benefit selection process ensures that your group is afforded the coverage it needs with no extras and no gaps in coverage. 

View and Print Group Request Forms (MS Word)

To request Group coverage, simply open and print the Group Coverage form below and fill out all information required. After you have completed the form, please fax or mail the form to the contact listed at the bottom of the form.

Travel Medical Group Request Form

Major Medical Group Request Form